Yoggie Security Systems presents Gatekeeper Pico and Firestick Pico at CeBIT 2008

Ultra-Portable USB Devices Protect PCs from Broadest Range of Attacks
Gatekeeper Pico (PresseBox) (Beth Halevy, Israel, ) Yoggie Security Systems™ (stand K56, Halle 6) will be highlighting the world’s first hardware-based security solution for laptops and PCs that provides a suite of 12 security applications on a USB key-sized security mini-computer. It will also introduce its unique, ultra-portable USB key-sized hardware-based firewall solution to protect PCs from malicious attacks.

The Gatekeeper Pico™ is a unique hardware-based Internet security solution. It is a miniature Linux-based computer packed with some of the toughest available security applications, including Kaspersky, Mailshell and Surf Control security technologies.

By moving the software and the security burden to its own mini-computer, all Internet threats are blocked outside -- before they reach the PC -- allowing the PC to regain resources enabling a performance boost. The Gatekeeper Pico has simplified “plug and forget” installation and operation, with no special technical knowledge required to produce a seamless security solution without pop-ups and update alerts.

The Firestick PicoTM is the company’s miniature hardware firewall. Unlike software firewalls, the fire red colored Firestick Pico mini-computer is based on a dedicated hardware platform specifically designed to protect PCs from the most devastating menaces including denial of service, buffer overflow and the broadest range of malicious attacks. It blocks all Internet threats and attacks outside – before they reach PCs or laptops.

The Firestick Pico is a complete Linux-based 300 MHz computer with a dual flash memory mechanism that constitutes an ‘untouchable operating system’ running an independent firewall application. In addition, each Firestick Pico comes with a complimentary Kaspersky security software suite.
“Yoggie’s Firestick Pico brings another choice to end users,” said Shlomo Touboul, CEO and founder of Yoggie Security Systems. “While our Gatekeeper Pico offloads all security applications from a PC, the Firestick Pico offloads just the firewall functionality at a much lower cost. This allows different levels of security and a range of price points for discerning buyers who are joining the Yoggie revolution: moving security applications from the PC to dedicated, miniature computers to enhance security and improve PC performance.”


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