Packaging for exceptional products: the 25cl "Catalane"

(PresseBox) (Düssseldorf, ) O-I has drawn on all its marketing expertise to pioneer a fashionable 25cl Catalane bottle, supporting its customers in the development of the single serve segment.
The Catalane miniature proved an instant hit in the wine market, and is a shining example for other segments: the group's marketing teams are now applying the same successful recipe to other markets, such as top-of-the-range olive oil.

Developments in food consumption have shown beyond any doubt that high quality products with a strong cultural content, such as wine and olive oil, are growing. The two markets are remarkably similar: both are high-end products, where flavour is crucial, with strong cultural connotations and an association with natural and responsible consumption.
The move to create this new 25cl bottle in extra flint glass, designed to suit segments other than wine, is a reflection of current consumption trends.
Smaller wine bottles are targeted at a young, female and English-speaking audience that drinks in the trendiest spots in the Asia-Pacific zone, in the same way that high-end olive oils are aimed at trend-conscious European customers looking for quality products that offer that key benefit: sustainability.

In Italy especially, but also in Spain and to a lesser extent France, top growers are arriving in the marketplace, selling both wine and olive oil. In Italy, they often rank among the so-called "Super Tuscans". The figures speak for themselves: over one third of global olive oil production comes from Spain, and 90% comes from the Mediterranean area. Between them, Italy and Spain supply over half of the world's olive oil. And the largest producers also happen to be the biggest that small little bottle may just grow up after all, one day...


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