compact and affordable – for small sample quantities less than 5 ml
Mini-Mill PULVERISETTE 23 (PresseBox) (Idar-Oberstein, ) The new Mini-Mill PULVERISETTE 23 manufactured by FRITSCH for extremely small quantities, operates anywhere, small footprint, grinds any sorts of solid materials. Attractive presentation, user-friendly and affordable.

The special field of the NEW Mini-Mill PULVERISETTE 23 of FRITSCH is the fine comminution of very small-quantities of dry laboratory samples or solids in suspension. For mixing and homogenisation of emulsions. Sample quantity up to 5 ml, max. sample feed size: up to 6 mm.

This mill is ideal for sample preparation, for example, for chemical analysis, chromatography, mass spectrometry or X-ray structural analysis. It cam also be used for preparing samples for genetic research, for homogenising of active ingredients, preparation of extracts in the forensic analysis and milling of pigments or precious materials.

The PULVERISETTE 23 is also specially suited for the assessment of biological samples and for cryo-comminution of deep freeze or refrigerated soft samples.

Method of operation:
A large sized d.c. motor converts the rotation to a vertical oscillation using a robust crankshaft drive. The oscillation of the grinding bowl at high amplitude and high frequency generates a particle-size reduction in the grinding bowl through the impact and additional friction generated between the grinding balls and the grinding bowl walls.

A significant increase in effectiveness over comparable grinders is achieved, by adapting the interior design of the spherical grinding bowl to optimize the size reduction principle.

Features of performance:
- smallest sample quantities < 5 ml
- operator friendly
- easy cleaning of the grinding elements
- rapid, reproducible grinding
- small grinding bowl volume
- low contact surface area with grinding elements
- quick fastening and release of the grinding bowl
- oscillation amplitude 9 mm
- adjustable and reproducible grinding time
- adjustable stress frequency
- compact and affordable

Please visit us at ANALYTICA 2008 • 01. - 04.04.2008
Munich • exhibition centre „Neue Messe“ • hall B2, booth No. 205/304


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