Popular VoIP Softclient “Ninja” from Global IP Telecommunications now available with Video and Multi-Party Video Conferencing

(PresseBox) (Schoeffengrund, ) Global IP Telecommunications, a leading manufacturer of Voice-over-IP (VoIP) software telephones, has announced today that their new version of the SIP softclient „Ninja“ features standards-compliant video. Multi-party video conferences can be handled by the softclient so that less versatile softphones without multi-party conferencing capability can take part in a multi-party video conference.

“Ninja cuts costs of video conferences dramatically due to its compatibility with basic audio/video SIP softclients like our PC Phone and hardware phones and due to the fact that a standard digital subscriber line is totally sufficient”, says Michael Best, CEO of Global IP Telecommunications.

The new “Ninja” version is available for download at www.globaliptel.com. With its freely customizable user interface it is suitable for co-branding and for the creation of conceptually different white-label softclients.


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