Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of PXI RF switch products with the introduction of five types of 75 ohm switches and a new 50 ohm switch

rf modules (PresseBox) (Clacton on Sea, UK, ) The five new 75 ohm models are the 40-830 6 channel SPDT switch, 40-832 quad 4 channel multiplexer, 40-834 dual 8 channel multiplexer, 40-835 16 channel multiplexer, and the 40-837 dual expandable 2x2 matrix,. Each model occupies just one slot in a 3U PXI chassis and provides excellent RF performance to 3 GHz.

The current high performance 50 ohm range is now joined by the 40-876 quad 4 channel multiplexer with a terminated off position for the common connection, again offering excellent performance to 3 GHz in single slot 3U PXI module.

Each module is offered with a choice of MCX or SMB connectors and can be supplied in partially populated configurations.

The modules are fully compatible with any 3U PXI chassis or can be supported by Pickering Interfaces 60-100 LXI Modular Chassis where Ethernet control compliant to the LXI standard is possible.

According to David Owen, Business Development Manager for Pickering Interface, "The new families of RF switching modules offer the highest density and performance 3 GHz switching available in the PXI form factor and offer a cost effective method of switching RF signals using a PXI or LXI interface. Pickering Interfaces is now able to offer a wide range of 50 and 75 ohm switching solutions that offer excellent performance in RF test systems."

Pricing and availability information is supplied on our web site www.pickeringtest.com


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