Digitizer for FlexRay-Bus signals available

The new digitizer from VX Instruments, with the FlexRay-Bus option, enables the user to capture, store and analyze FlexRay-Bus signals.
VX2344 High Performance Digitizer (PresseBox) (Landshut, 11th. march 2008, ) VX Instruments, a leading measurement expert for fast production test solutions, is now delivering the VX2344 High Performance Digitizer.
It is a VXI-Bus based solution. On each VXI-Bus card are two digitizer with independent or common sample rate per channel. It is a fully isolated design with floating inputs. The differential FlexRay-Bus input option is ideal for capturing FlexRay-Bus signals.

VX2344 High Performance Digitizer features:
- 100MS/s Sampling rate
- 14Bit Resolution, optional 16Bit
- 2 channel digitizer
- 100MHz bandwidth
- Fully isolated design, floating inputs
- Input voltage range up to +/- 250V (500Vpp)
- Independent sample rate / channel
- Internal or external analog trigger / channel
- Designed for high throughput testing
- Option: Differential FlexRay-Bus input


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