First class performance explores new dimensions Hush™ Technologies and the Intel® Core™2 Quad processors!

The fanless Hush-Systems E6, B6, B7 and M3 are available from now on with the Intel® Core™2 Quad processors
Hush ATX MKIII (PresseBox) (Leonberg, ) Hush Technologies, one of the worldwide leading developer and manufacturer of precision engineered fanless PCs, Home Media Center, fanless power supply units and cooling systems is - like ever so often - in the front line on the topic of "unrivalled innovation".

From now on the fanless, energy-efficient, elegant and revolutionary silent Hush-systems are available with the new Quadcore-Dimension. The Intel® Core 2 Quad processors, which are based on the Intel® Core micro architecture, have instead of one or two even four processor cores, that allow an incredible great speed. With the new Quad processors from Intel® Core the fanless products of Hush Technologies offer an extreme high performance by breakthrough energy consumption. With the new power and speed of the Quad processors the Hush-systems - by the way famous for Multimedia, CAD/CAM, Business and Medical applications - are designed to handle smoothly and successful several computationally intensive functions of ambitious Multitasking environment simultaneously.

Quicker processing for numerous fields, as Video-,language-, and picture applications, photo editing, encoding, financial-, technical- and scientific applications. The 45-nm-models offer thanks to the Intel® HD Boost with the new SSE4-instructions even more Multimedia-Performance.

Discover the new quad core dimension and live the performance, the power and the silentness of the Hush-systems - the maximum of Multithread-applications!

So Hush Technologies offers for the first time worldwide the smallest fanless PC with the Intel® Core 2 Quad technology!


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