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MondayWorks.com 100 days after launch
MondayWorks.com Founders Team (PresseBox) (Hamburg, ) One hundred days after launch, MondayWorks.com has clearly defined its space as the first bi-lingual online marketplace for projects and international experts.

More than 3,000 professional service providers from Germany, Western and Eastern Europe, as well as from Asia are ready to work for any customer, be it a SoHo, an IT firm or a private individual. Some of the programmers, designers, analysts, consultants, translators and administrative workers can be booked for as little as EUR 5 per hour.

No more excuses: Those of us who didn't manage to get their jobs done because of skills shortages or costs, now find in MondayWorks.com a convenient and effective way out of their dilemma.

Whether it is a logo design, the delivery of millions of data entries or a turn-key internet application, one is for sure: The customer's money will only be released to the service provider by MondayWorks.com, when he or she is fully satisfied with the result. The provider's quality is rated after every single job.

MondayWorks founder Andreas Hanitsch, a former PwCC and IBM senior executive, says: "The degree of transparency of both costs and quality is pretty unique in the professional services market. Our European customers tell us what they want and MondayWorks is determined to deliver."


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