PLC 7001 High-Speed I/Os on board

PLC 7001 High-Speed I/Os on board (PresseBox) (Herzogenaurach, ) The core of this PLC 7001 Chip is based on the PLC 7000 which has already been in use for two years. With its simplified memory interface the PLC 7001 can also be easily integrated as embedded PLC into diverse customer applications.

Moreover the peripheral interface offers the possibility to realize up to 56 in- and outputs, pulse duration modulation as well as stepper motor controls from integrated modules. For the application of decentral peripherals, the chip offers a serial I/O bus which allows operation of up to 32 digital and analog I/O modules. In addition this chip provides two interfaces on which either MPI, Profibus or serial communication can be carried out with up to 12Mbaud.

In connection with an Arm9 processor there is also the possibility to operate Ethernet-based communication like TCP/IP, EtherCAT, Powerlink and Profinet.

At an operating voltage of 1.8V the power loss amounts to only 1.2W. For this reason the design is optimally suitable for the application in higher temperature ranges.


For users wishing to integrate a high-performance hard PLC into their application, there is a prefabricated PLC module which lead through all digital/analog and other communication interfaces to a SO-200 PinConnector. These modules can be easily integrated into various applications like board controllers, HMI's or other construction combinations.

The modules as well as the chip models can be equipped with a PLC user memory of up to 2MB.

The component will be available in now. Also available is an EVA-Board.


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