Ph-Domains: Ahead of its time

ph-domains are interpreted as domain for "phone"
Ph-Domains: Domains of the Philippines (PresseBox) (Cologne, ) The ph-domains are the domains of the Philippines.

The ph-domains belong to the popular domains in Asia. The ph-domains are registered in many cases, when com-domains and net-domains are not available. There are no local residency requirements for registering a ph-domain. You can register .ph-domains,,, and the new

The, the new second level PH domain, is specifically for individuals. The domains are an economical way for individuals to establish an Internet presence.

The is uniquely geared to support blogging, the global web publishing phenomenon. It is the world's first anonymous domain, requiring only a mobile phone and email address to activate.

Frequently, bloggers choose to expound their ideas without revealing their identity. allows this, while protecting trademarks and intellectual property concerns by providing a means to initiate UDRP disputes that are resolved by a neutral 3rd party.

The is also one of the first domains to support IPv6, the next generation Internet Protocol designed by the Internet Engineering Task Force to replace the current version Internet Protocol (IPv4).

In 2000, dotPH became one of the first domain registries in the world to develop a Shared Registry System. The system allows domain registrars to link directly to the registry back-end for real-time domain registration, payment and management.

Sometime in 2000, ph-domains were marketed for a time as a mnemonic for the phone (other similar ccTLDs marketed in this fashion are .fm, .am, .tv and .hi). During this period, the .PH administrator began efforts to develop the ccTLD as the domain which combined both Internet and telephony functionality. A technical initiative was launched that would have linked ph-domains to mobile phones, particularly for m-commerce.

The push to link domain names with phone functionality, particularly in the field of mobile commerce, proved to be ahead of its time. ICANN has since approved the new .mobi domain (in 2005) and there is a current prevalence of applications which allow fund transfers between mobile subscribers.

If the mobi-domain is taken, you may register a ph-domain, as ph-domains are still nterpreted as domains for "phone".

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