Wide Bandgap MiniPL/Raman Spectrometer: Fully integrated with excitation energy up to 5.5 eV

Measurement of photoluminescence (PL) spectra from semiconductor materials is an important characterization method and is widely accepted for providing information on carrier doping levels, alloy composition, bandgap and edge effects, etc.
SPMArray: Wide Bandgap MiniPL/Raman Spectrometer (PresseBox) (Wessling, ) The ability to measure UV Resonance Raman spectra adds specificity and enhanced characterization of materials. These measurements are important both for research, device characterization and process monitoring.

The Deep UV (DUV) MiniPL/Raman Spectrometer from Photon Systems provides the most compact and inexpensive instrument available at these wavelengths. Enabling PL and Raman spectra measurement of semiconductor materials with bandgap up to about 5.5 eV corresponding to AlGaN with Al concentrations up over 80%.

• Room Temperature PL and Raman
• 5.5(224nm) or 5.0 eV(248.6nm) laser excitation
• measurement of excitation and emission energy for direct QE measurement
• Highly portable 15 x 18 x 36cm,<8Kg


Laser 2000 GmbH
Argelsrieder Feld 14
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Dr. Stefan Kremser
Laser, Optical Instrumentation, Optics


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