STEP: Ideal for lab bench, production test bed or on board your laser: Temperature Controlled, Ultra-Stable Pyro Radiometer

This ultra-precise radiometer employs a large area, broadband pyroelectric hybrid detector packaged with a single-stage TE Cooler to control its temperature to 0.05° C from 20 to 30° C.
The STEP-45 or STEP-49 includes the STEP-Controller module. The controller provides power and temperate control and the analog detector output. (PresseBox) (Wessling, ) These innovative instruments represent the ultimate in radiometric measurement stability: temperature control to 0.05° C from 20° to 30° C yields a temperature coefficient of less than 0.01% over the same temperature range. In other words – the Voltage Responsivity (Rv) of the probe is stable to 0.01% when measuring from nW to mW. The STEP probe is calibrated against our unique, Optical TRAP Detector and is accurate to +/- 2.0%. It can also be calibrated with a 1000°K Black Body source for broadband applications. It is an ideal Calibration Standard for your Radiometric or Spectra-radiometric measurements: 0.25 to 15 µm.

The STEP probe is available with a 5 mm or 9 mm diameter detector element, that includes our OB black absorbing coating. Each probe is composed of a low noise detector hybrid, thermistor, TE cooler and heat sink. It has an SM1 threaded front bezel, for easy addition of IR filters, light cones, fiber optic connectors and more. Two ¼-20 threaded, in-line post holes ensure stable optical alignment.

About Spectrum Detector:
Spectrum Detector was incorporated in 2006 by founder and retired CEO of Molectron Detector, Inc., Don Dooley. Spectrum Detector's focus is toward engineering creative detector solutions for optical testing, measurement and calibration problems across the spectrum - from DUV to Extreme Infrared and THz.
We have assembled a talented staff with more than 60 years combined experience in Pyroelectric detectors, Optical Instrumentation, Laser power and energy measurement and NIST traceable Optical Calibration.
Our products address unique measurement needs that require novel, versatile detector solutions. We have partnered with the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado to bring some exciting new Optical Standards technology out of the Lab and into industry. Spectrum has introduced the first family of Silicon and Pyroelectric TRAP Detector Calibration transfer standards for the Photonics World.
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