satellites and telematics are coming together

TelematicsPRO international conference outlines the relevance of apllications to technology
TelematicsPRO (PresseBox) (Berlin, ) Experts of GNSS technology and telematics application meet at the international GNSS conference of Germanys national telematic association in Berlin. More than 22 speakers out of 10 countries will report about studies, best prectises or project experience. Keynote speakers are former head of Galileo Joint Undertaking, Rainer Grohe, B.Oertel from Institute of advanced future researches and Prof. Rothacher from the GeoResearch Center, Potsdam/Germany.
One of the high lights of all inside discussions will be the state of art report and comparison to Glonass, GPS, Galileo by Mr.Smulevich, Shane Pederson, and Carlo des Dorides. This discussion will enable to the 70 attendees a clear inside view to options, feasabilities and chances of cooperations within these satellite systems. Michael Sandrock, the organizer: "The goal of this conference is to learn from another one, therefor we did develope the inside concept about satellite, navigation, projects, business, and user requirments".
Other reports cover the informations of GNSS applications in harbours, transportations, the German highway tollsystem or the couriernavigation.
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