World’s First Security Mini-Computer Inside Computer Unveiled by Yoggie; Gatekeeper Card Pro the Ultimate in Laptop Internet Protection

Computer in Computer Design Provides Transparent Plug and Forget IT Security Solution
Yoggie Gatekeeper Card installed (PresseBox) (London, ) Yoggie Security SystemsTM releases the world’s first laptop embedded mini-computer, designed to provide the most comprehensive Internet security.
The Gatekeeper Card Pro™ contains13 best-of-breed security applications built directly into the miniature card. The card is inserted directly into a laptop’s ExpressCard slot, allowing business users and consumers alike to benefit from unrivalled and transparent security wherever they connect.
The Gatekeeper Card Pro is a full-blown computer with its own processor, memory and hardened operating system. This latest innovation from Yoggie marks the first time that an entire computer has been designed for installation inside another computer – essentially a computer within a computer – for the purpose of providing the most advanced security protection on the market.
The Gatekeeper Card Pro forms part of Yoggie's innovative range of security mini-computers designed to meet the security needs of corporate, SOHO and home PC users. Its USB-key shaped Gatekeeper PicoTM and Gatekeeper Pico ProTM hardware devices have won numerous industry awards since their launch in 2007. At CES 2008, the company launched a standalone USB-sized hardware firewall, the Firestick PicoTM, for road warriors seeking hardware firewall-only protection.
For enterprise users or consumers, the simple plug and forget design of the Gatekeeper Card Pro does not require complex installation, configuration or ongoing management (although advanced users can alter the configuration should they wish to). Users do not have to worry about updates as the device automatically checks for them each time it connects to the Internet and manages the entire process transparently. Best of all, since it offloads security functionality (including updates) from the host laptop, users should experience a boost in their laptop’s performance.
The Gatekeeper Card Pro enables IT security managers to provide laptops with full corporate level security already discretely installed. They can remotely manage all the dispersed mini-computer units through use of the Yoggie Management Server™ (available separately). This enables them to extend control to their traveling workforces since they are able to monitor and manage the fleet of traveling Gatekeeper Card Pro devices in a non-intrusive, yet consistent manner. Installed in the IT server room, the Yoggie Management Server provides security policy updates, signatures, and rule-based updates, while obtaining local logs and events for complete visibility.
"The Gatekeeper Card Pro has been developed to allow IT security managers to pre-install high level security when providing laptops to their workforce. This meets a growing need to provide the highest level of security to the workers that are most vulnerable to attack – those on the road or connecting to insecure hotspots,” said Shlomo Touboul, founder and CEO of Yoggie Security Systems. “We’re also responding to the demands of our enterprise customers by providing remote, centralized management of security for all workers.”
The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the Yoggie Gatekeeper Card Pro is $199; it will be available from May 26th 2008 online at and soon at leading etailers and retailers.

Gatekeeper Card Pro Features

A revolution in laptop security, Yoggie's security mini-computer is the 'next generation Internet Security Suite': a powerful ExpressCard compatible, Linux-based computer with 13 built-in security applications. Designed to off-load installed security software from laptops, this dedicated mini-computer provides laptop users with the following benefits:
• Block all Internet threats outside - before they reach your laptop
• Hides laptops from Internet Hackers ('Stealth Mode')
• Boost your laptop’s performance
• Hardened Linux Operating System
• Protection from known as well as unknown attacks
• Plug and forget easy installation and operation
• Automated security updates
The security functions provided by the Gatekeeper Card Pro include:

• Anti-Virus
• Anti-Spyware
• Anti-Phishing
• Anti-Spam
• Intrusion Detection System / Intrusion Prevention System
• Firewall (stateful inspection)
• Web Filtering/ Parental Content Control
• Adaptive Security Policy™
• Multi-Layer Security Agent™ (Patent pending)
• Layer-8 Security Engine ™ (Patent pending)
• Transparent Email Proxies (POP3; SMTP)
• Transparent Web Proxies (HTTP; FTP)
• VPN Client


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