High Voltage-Module for highly energized applications

up to 23kV DC in a fully hybrid connection-system
GES PTFE HV-Module (PresseBox) (Eching / Germany, ) The PTFE High Voltage-Module from GES Electronic & Service enables energy-transmission in durable industrial and instrumental environments, withstands voltages up to 23kV DC and a rated current up to 30A and is available either in one-pin or two-pin configuration.
The insulation-bodies are potted within a fibreglass strengthened module-body of Polyamide 6.6, are resistant against heat and creepache-current and are suitable for pulsed voltages too. The surrounding module-body is in accordance with UL94-VO and enables operating temperatures from -40°C to +125°C.
The module is inserted into a fixation frame and then into an EMC-resistant IP65 aluminum cast-housing available in different sizes with a wide variety of locking-systems, cable-entries and –glands. A maximum of seven modules can be placed in one housing adding up 14 HV-connections per system. Alternatively the system can also be equipped with other GES-modules for data-, optical- or pneumatic-transmission for hybrid solutions.
Typical applications are found in highly energized industrial machinery and facilities generating ionizing radiation like electron-beam-welding, X-Ray equipment for quality-control or UV-applications for hardening, curing or sterilization.
Using smaller housings also enables very reliable and economic hybrid connection solutions in electrotechnical devices like i.e. instrumental analysis- and medical-equipment.
The PTFE HV-Module is fully compatible to the worldwide common systems Amphenol C146M, Lapp Contact EPIC MC, Walther Werke Procon MO, Weidmüller ConCept and Wieland revos FLEX.


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