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New from ICY BOX: HDMI-Switch IB-HD141
ICY BOX IB-HD141 front view (PresseBox) (Ahrensburg/Germany, ) Can one or two HD plug-ins spoil the multimedia pleasure? Yes, they can. If they are too few to connect some of these: DVD-player, set-top box, HDTV sat-receiver, PC, video camera, games console.
The solution of this problem comes with the HDMI-switch IB-HD141 from ICY BOX. It saves the inconvenient walk from the sofa to the TV set or - even more troublesome – to its back. You push a button and you easily enjoy the program from your preferred multimedia source.
The IB-HD141 has inputs for four HD sources and one output to the TV set. Three of the inputs are located at the back of the IB-HD141. They are appropriate to devices which are connected rather permanently like set-top box, HDTV sat-receiver, and DVD-player. The input at the front side conveniently connects devices which are employed rather at various places like DVD-player or video camera. The PC, too, usually is not permanently connected to the TV screen.
Two colored LEDs provide the required information. The blue one shows the power status, the green one indicates the chosen channel.
To deliver full HD quality the IB-HD141 supports HDMI 1.3 and HDTV with 1080p. Digital sound is welcome in the standards of Dolby True HD, DTS-HD, DTS and more.
The IB-HD141 is easy to install: plug and play. Finally it's about multimedia pleasure. And nothing else.

Recommended retail price: Euro 69,00.


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