eVCI - Revolutionary Heatsink Design

ascent ddr3 dual feature (PresseBox) (Minfeld, ) Expanding its role as a leader in high performance memory module innovation, Mushkin's new Ascent series of memory modules raises the bar for memory performance. By combining the "enhanced Vapor Chamber Interface" (eVCI) with a high conductivity 6063 aluminum alloy encasement, both conductive and convective thermal paths are optimized for the best overclocking results.

The Ascent series modules provide both form and function; increasing overclocking results as much as 48MHz and reducing heat rise above ambient by as much as 48%, all in a package that will compliment any system's appearance.

- Copper enhanced Vapor Chamber Interface (eVCI)
provides an extremely conductive thermal path from the DRAM (10X better than solid copper)

- Highly conductive 6063 extruded aluminum alloy encasement for effective heat exchange through convection

- Low profile and slim width design for full population of memory slots if desired. Won't interfere with most large CPU heatsinks

- Sleek and aggressive design compliments any build's appearance.


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