Deutsche Mechatronics presents an optimised modular system for integration into printing presses

Live at the DRUPA international trade fair for the printing and media industries: the unique “Virtual Space” sharpens visitor’s senses in a completely darkened room.
The new slide-in modules for printing presses can be exchanged within just a few minutes. (PresseBox) (Mechernich, ) With the slogan “… alles ausser Drucken” (“… everything but printing”), Deutsche Mechatronics is presenting modular solutions for printing-related activities at the DRUPA trade fair. For the first time, the company will show the optimised integration of peripheral components for drying, curing and cooling processes and exhaust air purification. The inline measurement of the degree of dryness and the integrated powder extraction are also world firsts.

Deutsche Mechatronics has combined its extensive expertise of all pre- and post-press work processes in a new printing pilot plant that the company will present for the first time among experts at the DRUPA international trade fair. With this unique machine, Deutsche Mechatronics demonstrates how printing press manufacturers can integrate individually customised modules into their systems. The result: quicker drying, improved curing, optimal cooling and efficient exhaust air purification.
On the basis of the new modular system, Deutsche Mechatronics, in collaboration with the machine manufacturers, is developing solutions for the individual sub-processes that are integrated into the machines as OEM modules.

“With Deutsche Mechatronics as a development and manufacturing partner, manufacturers save on development costs for technologies that are beyond their own core expertise. We thus also reduce the time to market for new products,” explains Dr. Karlheinz Sossenheimer, Managing Partner of the Mechernich-based company.
Another innovation is the online measurement of the degree of dryness of the printing ink, a technology for which Deutsche Mechatronics has applied for a patent. Thanks to the quasi-real-time evaluation, for the first time the process allows continuous monitoring and online control of the drying process.

The powder extraction concept is also a world first. It is used in the delivery area of offset printing presses, and removes the excess anti-set-off powder that becomes distributed within and around the machine. This greatly reduces undesirable dust exposure inside and around the machine.

All of the modules from the various application areas can be seen in action at the trade fair exhibit. The trade fair team will demonstrate on the machine how individual components can be exchanged within a few minutes, and how very different print jobs can be completed within a very short time.

A further attraction of the trade fair stand is the “Virtual Space”. This is an unusual kind of “blind date” for visitors to the fair: in a completely darkened room, in a most unusual way, training consultant and psychologist Dr. Christian Schneider, from Wiesbaden, sharpens the senses to Deutsche Mechatronics’ concepts: drying, curing, cooling and inspection. The “Virtual Space” is the first of its kind to be presented to the printing industry at a trade fair.

Deutsche Mechatronics at the DRUPA trade fair – Hall 16, Stand B70


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