“Virtual Space”: Deutsche Mechatronics invites you on a blind date

Visitors experience a sensory challenge while going on an unusual kind of “blind date”
Deutsche Mechatronics sharpens visitors’ senses in “Virtual Space”, a completely darkened room. (PresseBox) (Mechernich, ) Systems supplier Deutsche Mechatronics has found a unique way of presenting its integrated solutions for all aspects of printing: visitors experience a sensory challenge while going on an unusual kind of “blind date”. In “Virtual Space”, the Wiesbaden, Germany-based corporate trainer Dr. Christian Schneider demonstrates the company’s core competencies in a completely darkened room.

The main interests of Deutsche Mechatronics, the development and manufacture of modules for all pre- and post-press work processes, are not easy to convey to visitors at trade fairs, because the OEM modules from the Mechernich, Germany-based company are generally hidden away inside printing presses.

For that reason, Deutsche Mechatronics is adopting an unusual approach: in a “Virtual Space”, Dr. Christian Schneider, a corporate trainer and psychologist based in Wiesbaden, Germany, helps enhance visitors’ awareness of the company’s core competencies:
• Drying of printing inks
• Curing of protective paints
• Cooling of substrates
• Measuring and controlling the degree of dryness
• Purification of exhaust air

The “Virtual Space”, as a completely darkened room, stimulates the visitors’ imagination and opens up new forms of perception: new ways of hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting. You experience the way in which communication changes when one sense is “switched off”: you automatically express yourself more succinctly, encapsulating ideas more effectively.

When they return to the light, visitors see the world of printing from a totally different perspective – for example, the new printing pilot plant from Deutsche Mechatronics. With this product, the company demonstrates how customised modules can be integrated in printing machines to achieve quicker drying, better curing, optimum cooling and efficient exhaust air purification.

At DRUPA 2008, Deutsche Mechatronics will be presenting OEM modules for drying using infrared light, curing with ultraviolet radiation, and cooling with dried process air.
In addition, the Mechernich, Germany-based company will be unveiling a new process to suction off excess anti-set-off powder. A further novelty is inline measurement of the degree of dryness of the printing ink. For the first time, this will allow the drying process to be constantly monitored and controlled online.

You can visit “Virtual Space” every day at 11:00 a.m., 12:30 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. Deutsche Mechatronics accepts advance bookings at drupa@dtmt.de.

Deutsche Mechatronics at DRUPA 2008 – Hall 16, Stand B70


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