Adjustable, Adaptable, Affordable: Adaptive polymer lenses – innovative solutions for utilizing and manipulating light

The APL-1050 is a variable-focal-length singlet fluidic lens utilizing proprietary design, formulation and packaging. It is a new component for the optics market and is affordable, durable, high-quality, and high-precision.
Adaptive polymer lense APL-1050 (PresseBox) (Wessling, ) A lens core of the APL-1050 includes a lens fluid, an AR-coated and polished glass substrate, and a transparent elastomeric membrane. The highly-inert and non-compressed optical fluid is hermetically sealed inside the lens core. The lens core is encased in an aluminum housing that includes an actuation mechanism and angular markings. A portion of the lens core extends outside of the housing and has a ring-shaped grip for rotary manual actuation. Rotation of the grip results in compression of the lens core and a deformation of the membrane. The deformation of the membrane caused by non-compressed liquid is spherical and this results in a change in focal length of the lens.

Holochip was founded on the philosophy that the emergence of affordable, durable, and high-quality variable-focus lenses signifies a new and sustainable photonics market segment - the adaptive lens - born at the crossroads of traditional lenses and adaptive optics.

Our goal is to become a leading adaptive lens manufacturer with products including:
OEM zoom lens modules for camera and camera-module manufacturers;
Adaptive singlet lenses for optical research and engineering; and
Complete optical solutions for military, medical, automotive and a host of other industries.


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