Paradigma's economic data

Paradigma Logo (PresseBox) (Karlsbad, ) Company name: Paradigma Energie- und Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Karlsbad (near Karlsruhe, Germany)

Chief partners: Alfred T. Ritter 90% and Marli Hoppe-Ritter 10%

2002: €27 million
2003: €30 million
2004: €33 million
2005: €45 million
2006: €69 million
2007: €46 million

Main region of activity: Germany

Market position: The company Paradigma is a market leader in the fields of evacuated tube collectors and wood pellet boilers, especially in Germany.

Sales channels: Direct sales to selected specialist sanitary, heating, and air conditioning companies, so-called Paradigma System Partners (currently around 900 in Germany).

Employees: At the company headquarters in Karlsbad, 160 members of staff are employed in business operations, research and development, consulting, marketing, sales and logistics. They are supported by two subsidiaries: Ritter Solar and RNO Kesselfabrik in Dettenhausen, near Stuttgart, with a total of 160 employees.


Paradigma Deutschland GmbH
Ettlinger Str. 30
D-76307 Karlsbad
Sabine Heuer
Paradigma Pressestelle


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