VoIP-phone in mouse’s clothing

SPEED LINK VoIP Mouse open (PresseBox) (Weertzen, ) At first glance what you see is a mouse. Small, honey-coloured, fitted with a scroll wheel and three buttons. But two more buttons on the sides suggest there's more to this mouse than meets the eye: flip the VoIP Mouse open and you have in your hand a fully-fledged phone to make calls via the net.

When you flip the mouse open you automatically launch Skype(TM) , the highly popular online communications software. The LCD in the mouse shows the contacts you've stored. You can select and call your contacts at the touch of a button - it's that easy.

The VoIP Mouse works fine pressed to your ear but its integrated hands free device also makes it a multitalented beast. While you're on a call you can snap it shut and use it as a mouse at the same time. The neatly arranged microphone and speaker allow you to issue commands with your mouse and continue with your phone call simultaneously. You can also accept a call at the touch of a button - without flipping the VoIP Mouse open again.

The SPEED-LINK VoIP Mouse is available now at a recommended retail price of €49.99.


- Online communication from PC to PC, with landline phones and mobiles
- Integrated hands free operation
- Flipping open the mouse automatically launches Skype(TM) (VOIP application)
- All your Skype(TM) contacts at a glance on a digital display
- Supports Skype(TM) , Yahoo® Messenger and MSN® Messenger, perfect for PCs and notebooks
- High quality voice output
- Optical sensor at 800 dpi
- Cable length: 1.5m
- USB connection

RRP: €49.99
Release: Available now
Manufacturer: SPEED-LINK
Distributor: Jöllenbeck GmbH
Internet: http://www.speed-link.com/
Item no: SL-6390-PWT


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