SECUDE International AG and Eutronsec Join Forces for Developing Authentication Solutions

SECUDE’s data encryption and access control technology integrates with Eutronsec’s line of authentication tokens by Eutronsec.
(PresseBox) (Lucerne, Switzerland, ) SECUDE International AG, a leader in user authentication and authorization technology, and Eutronsec, a leading security token company, strengthened their partnership to provide increased customer value thanks to wider integration of their products.

“We entered into a partnership with SECUDE as it provides market-leading, innovative security applications”, states Daniela Previtali, Eutronsec’s International Sales Director. “This agreement will bring about higher synergy for both realities and create a greater opportunity for breaking into the market and widening the offer range.”

Eutronsec’s hardware devices complement SECUDE’s security software platform, enabling strong End-to-End Authentication and Security through a range of cryptographic tokens. From Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA) to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions such as SAP, all applications can be protected along with centralized token management. The cooperation between Eutronsec and SECUDE allows CryptoIdentity ITSEC-I keys with Siemens CardOS mask to be now supported by SECUDE FinallySecure™, for Full-Disk Encryption (FDE), and SECUDE TrustManager, for centralized management of digital certificates.

In addition, CryptoCombo, the token that integrates smart card chip and flash memory up to 4GB, and OTPSign, the hybrid token that combines One Time Password technology with Public Key Infrastructure, are equally supported by SECUDE authentication and authorization solutions.

"Encryption and authentication go hand in hand" says Tristan Kromer, SECUDE’s Vice President and General Manager of Data Protection, "Integrating Eutronsec’s unique authentication techniques and tokens into SECUDE's security product will deliver greater value to our customers."
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