New Flash Measurement Photometer FM-100: Measurement of individual pulse energy in a pulse string

The FM-100 Flash Measurement Photometer System allows maintenance personnel to measure flashing light sources such as aircraft anti-collision strobes, highway safety strobes and barricade lighting, to ensure they meet output requirements.
The FM-100 Flash Measurement Photometer with a spectral range  from 360 nm to 830 nm with photometric filter. (PresseBox) (Wessling, ) The FM-100 measures the illuminance of each pulse in a string of light pulses at a rate of up to 700 per second, at pulsewidths from 1 nanosecond to 30 milliseconds. Sensitivity of the pulse luminance intensity measurement ranges from 11 millicandela-seconds at one meter to over 50,000 candela-seconds at 15 meters without additional detector attenuation. The FM-100 selects the optimum pulse measurement time for varying pulse widths.

The easy-to-use Windows software interface allows direct logging of effective light intensity. A unique optional high-speed sensor connects to an oscilloscope for light-flash shape and analysis.

The FM-100’s ability to control a temperature-stabilized detector assures best agreement with NIST standards. Detector match to human eye response is guaranteed better than 3 percent using the CIE f1' method.

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