Navilock uses new data, especially for truck/heavy goods vehicle navigation

Navilock Logo (PresseBox) (Berlin, Germany-, ) Berlin, Germany – June 09, 2008 - Navilock, the German producer of positioning products, is using a partnership solution from MapFactor, the leading Czech supplier of GPS-based navigation software, in its new navigation software.
The Navigator 8 navigation software, which is available both for PDAs and PNAs as well as for Notebooks, CarPCs and UMPCs, uses preset data from TeleAtlas for navigation in the transport business. Thus, for 20 of the 37 countries shown on the map of Europe, special data for entrance heights, bridge loads and forbidden zones for heavy goods vehicles is available. The spoken announcements are made in 17 languages. Thus, the navigation across countries, e.g. from Antalya via Minsk to Lisbon, is possible.
Should the trailers be changed at the loading places, this doesn’t pose a problem. Thanks to the freely available and non-limited heavy goods vehicle profiles, the necessary software setup can be immediately stored, by entering the length, width, height, axle weight and total weight of the vehicle.
The TMC support offers additional dynamic information when using a combined GPS/TMC receiver or a separate TMC receiver.
Remote control functions, such as the reception of a new travel destination, are already integrated in the standard version. This is also true for the logbook, by distinguishing between business and private trips.
Thanks to the truck data, Navigator 8 will increase the efficiency of your vehicle and will help you save costs. We have taken into consideration your wallet, which, due to high toll fees and other charges, is already strained enough.
Navigator 8 Truck is sold at many electronics stores, through catalog sales and web shops in Europe. For more information please visit
Come to the future, come to Navilock!

Navilock is a registered brand of the Tragant Handels- und Beteiligungs-GmbH, with its head office in Germany and a branch office in Taipei, Taiwan. Navilock produces and sells accessories for PDAs, PNAs, Laptops and Car PCs, and it develops software solutions and electronic cards materials. Navilock products are sold through contract distributors and on the market. For more information please visit


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