Costs for smoke control systems are low

Safe live isn´t expensive
 Costs for smoke control systems are low (PresseBox) (Passavia (bavaria), ) Victims in a case of fire are always victims of smoke pollution. There is no doubt about this item. The costs for smoke and heat ventilation and other smoke control systems are low depending to the cost of the whole building equipment. Many parts like windows in the wall and flaps in the roof can be used for smoke release systems and also for daily ventilation. So these parts are already installed. But in connection with drives and control panels this systems allow the people to escape the dangerous and toxic smoke which appears in a case of fire. The user of the building is responsible for the installation and maintenance of such systems. And hopefully he never forgot this responsibility because this can mean a big risk for people using a building. It is not a thing of responsibility to save money and bring people in dangerous situation at the other hand side.

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