Innovation of the Highest Accuracy and Stability: DUO UC 4.0/5.0 Scissors Lift (patent pending)

DUO UC 4.0/5.0 Scissors Lift (PresseBox) (Haldenwang, ) The First Point: Control Principle

The "UC" in the model name stands for Ultra Sonic Control - meaning all raising and lowering movements are monitored by ultra-sonic control. Active ultra-sonic sensors (transmitter and receiver) are part of this true control (in some cases it even takes on the character of regulation) for height positions with adjustment in the 0.1 mm range. During raising and lowering the actual height position is measured as the distance between the floor frame and underside of both runways. With this, the requirements placed on the most precise of all measurement methods for moving machine components- the so-called direct measurement for moving parts themselves - is fulfilled. The sensor signals control both electro-hydraulic lifting drives (via servo-valves for both hydraulic cylinders). Another important requirement- functional security - is ideally fulfilled. Synchronisation of both platforms is permanently controlled and/or adjusted during raising and lowering. During movement, this secures the stable and damage-free position of the lifting or lowering vehicle. In future, the actual height value will be shown on LCD displays.

Additional Quality Critieria: High Mechanical Stability

Vehicle wheel alignment procedure can be carried out while the vehicle is on the lift and and this requires high stability and exact positioning during the procedure- in the engaged lift position and under load. In order for this model to fulfil this criteria, multiple provisions have been initiated. One the one hand, the horizontally moving guidance module for raising and lowering is locked in the end and/or measurement position for the sliding tracks. These modules located in the floor frame and underside of the runway are then blocked in the respective frame mechanically and form-fitted. (toothed gear with racket). Operation is pneumatic. This purely mechanical, form fitting locking guarantees a stable lifting position over a long period of time or with unintentional outside impacts or influences. In this way the horizontal position of the runway surface is assured there - by guaranteeing the lifting surface for the vehicle. In this way a secure setting of a level basis for the vehicle's 4 placement points is provided - in particular their position relative to one another is guaranteed. This is essential as a reference for precise wheel alignment.

Otherwise, the mechanical rigidity protecting against elastic deformation of supporting elements such as scissor beams and runways, has been accounted for.
A rugged, workshop-suitable foil key pad is planned for lift operation.

Important data:
Two versions for load capacity of 4.0 and 5.0 t,
Drive on height of only 250 mm (including equipping for wheel alignment),
Load capacity for wheel-free jack 3.5 t,
Raising time = lowering time of 45 s (DUO UC 4.0 W), 50 s (DUO UC 5.0 W) each way,
Runway length of 4400 / 4800 mm with 4-t-model and 5200 mm with 5-t-model,
Lifting height max. 2050 mm.


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