MAHA Single Roller Dynamometer Model MSR 500 for Motorcycles

(PresseBox) (Haldenwang, ) General Features

The dynamometer model LPS 3000 Motorcycle with roller set R 50, the predecessor of MSR 500, was used for performance and function testing of motorcycles. The motorcycle wheel runs between two rollers on this classic double roller dynamometer. This means that the tire has two contact surfaces on the rollers increasing wear. This in return leads to higher tire warming when testing on the double roller dyno than would be the case on normal road driving. This problematic is particularly intensified when testing modern, extremely high powered motorcycles. The newly developed MAHA Performance and Function Dynamometer for Motorcycles - MSR 500 - has a roller set consisting of one large roller. With this type of dyno, the rear wheel of the motorcycle rolls on the top of the single roller, which the name of the dyno refers to. The rolling motion on this type of dyno closely resembles that of road driving. The wear and tear on the tire is minimized and force transfer from tire to roller is secured. The motorcycle front wheel can be securely fixed on the single roller dynamometer using a variety of fixing devices offered by MAHA.

Test Values
Measured, displayed and evaluated as test values are generally:

- Motor performance
- Torque
- Speed

Above and beyond this, the MSR 500 offers versatile possibilities for vehicle diagnosis. The MAHA MSR 500 software has a database in which customer data as well as measurement data is stored. The clearly designed operation menu and measurement screen are ideal for quick and effective testing. The test results can be printed out via a DIN A4 color printer. The dynamometer PC can be networked with the workshop network.

Technical Data
Roller diameter 400 mm
Roller length 400 mm
Axle load 1.5 t
Test speed max. 300 km/h
Power range up to ca. 200 kW


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