The New MSR 1000 Top Roller Dynamometer

MAHA MSR1000 (PresseBox) (Haldenwang, ) Introduction

This newly developed all-purpose tester is also usable for sport vehicles.

Three characteristics indicate this directly. First of all is the equipment with four rollers on the tops of which the four vehicle wheels "ride" during the test procedure. This allows even low suspension cars to be tested, which are unsuited for testing on the usual dual roller dynamometers due to insufficient ground clearance. Secondly, the possible RPM range of the vehicle wheels corresponds to speeds between 0 and 320 km/hour is suitable for racers. And finally, the maximum testable performance of 550 kW (approx. 750 HP) per driven axle, i.e. 1500 HP for all-wheel vehicles. That, too, is far above the average performance for passenger cars.

Universality with Large Test Rollers

The MSR 1000 is an extremely versatile all-purpose tester. On the "large" roller, the conditions for the tires similar to those on the road. Vehicle testing with high load is possible for a long period, and thus it is particularly well suited for repair shops and testing facilities. Due to the inherent lack of positional stability for the vehicle during the testing procedure, there are a number of different holding devices available to immobilize the vehicle.

Determinable Measurement Variables

The characteristic drive-related key parameters can be measured: power, torque, and also traction force, each as a function of RPM or a discrete measurement at constant RPM. Other external measurement data can be displayed in combination. The type of display can be graphical (with curves) or numeric, with a wide variety of characteristics, units and representations selectable. The proven MAHA calculation and display programs and modulesare used here, which are known for their general utility, simple operation, high operational reliability and good read ability.


The versatility of application is consistently enhanced by the ability to adapt to further vehicle-dependent factors: an adjustment range for wheel bases between 1900 and 3500 mm as well as dimensions for the axle spacing with a distance from roller top to roller top between 2200 and 3200 mm. Adjusting the test rollers for different vehicle types is quick, easy and reliable with hydraulic controls. The maximum traction force is 8500 N, the highest permitted axle load 2.4 tons.


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