Mobile Column Lift RGB - especially for Buses

Moblie Column Lift for Heavy Vehicles.Large picture: Lifting a truck.Two small pictures: Handling and operational status at a bus wheel (PresseBox) (Haldenwang, ) Mobile Use: The Lift comes to the Vehicle

The joint use of four individual mobile columns each with a load capacity of up to 5.5 t means these kinds of vehicles can be lifted. The lifting system is particularly efficient (over 90%) through the use of a recirculating ball nut and screw. Slim, versatile column design. The basic frame design makes for easy maneuverability of the lift even in tight spaces and requires limited space for storage. Mobile column lifts can be moved to the vehicle and not the vehicle to the lift. Vehicle work can be done at various locations. Stands can be placed underneath the vehicle freeing up the mobile columns to be used on other vehicles.

Features and advantages of this system:
- No master column, no separate power supply unit
- Each column with its own electro-mechanic drive
- Automatic synchronisation is standard
- Control with function selection: joint, single or group operation
- Electronic switch off in end position, safety monitoring and travel meas - urement by non-contact inductive sensor
- Low basic frame height of 128 mm
- Slim column design, each with a low dead weight of 360 kg
- Carriage with fixed wheel forks for tires 8.25 to 12.00-20/12 R 22.5.


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