IBM and PKS make RPG applications available for Java

Good news for RPG developers: Create Java and i-native programs — securely and simply
(PresseBox) (Ravensburg, ) Dear Reader,

want to hear some great summertime news? Starting now, you can make existing RPG applications available for Java with hardly any effort at all.
PKS and IBM have teamed up to develop a real power tool. IBM is now offering it worldwide. Its name? Rational Migration Extension for i – RMEi for short.

And what does it do? With RMEi you can easily have your RPG applications migrated to IBM’s new business language, EGL. You can then generate Java or i Native programs directly from EGL.

You’ll be better off with this approach than with direct migration from RPG to Java because:
o EGL is very easy for RPG developers to learn and is highly productive.
o Complex Java and OO know-how is no longer necessary.

This lets you sustainably modernize your RPG applications and get them in shape for the future. And if desired, you can even achieve platform independence.

Would you like to experience the seamless functionality of this power tool developed by PKS and IBM? Just contact us for a Webcast or Webex session.

Have a great summer. Best regards from Lake Constance,
Heidi Schmidt
Sales Manager


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