SVOX Speech Technology at Olympic Games 2008

Hot news: Digital Broadcasting Information Service "Journaline" Demonstrated at Olympic Games 2008
SVOX Speech Technology at Olympic Games 2008 (PresseBox) (Zurich, ) To support the increased need for information at the 2008 Summer Olympics in China, the new text-based Digital Radio information service “Journaline” delivers added value to the listener. Integrated into selected Audi shuttle vehicles used in Beijing, this service provides passengers and drivers with up-to-date information in the form of a “sports and news ticker” with SVOX speech technology reading aloud the ticker text.

Interested visitors to Beijing or the Olympic Games are welcome to try out the service in an Audi VIP car in Beijing in the week 2008-08-09 until 2008-08-15. The VIP car is located at Audi China Technical Competence Center (AC-TCC), De Sheng Men Wai Shuang Quan Pu Beijing 100192, China.


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