• Siemens to Supply Equipment for New Shaft Winding Installations of the Shandong Yuncheng Coal Mine

(PresseBox) (Fürth, ) Siemens International Trading Ltd., Shanghai, has received an order from the Shandong Yuncheng Coal Mine to supply the drives, automation systems and braking systems for three new shaft winding installations. The project is worth more than ten million euros. The winding installations are scheduled to start production in Spring 2010.

Located in the East Chinese province of Shandong, the mine is set to produce 2.4 million metric tons of coal per year. The mine will have two shafts, one of which will be a production shaft and the other one a service shaft.

For the new winding machines, Siemens is supplying the drives, the automation equipment, including a safety system as well as the braking systems. Each of the winding machines will be fitted with a 3500 kW synchronous motor and, for the power supply, DC link voltage converters of the type Sinamics SM150, each with an output of 10 MVA, will be used. Simatic S7-400 programmable logic controllers will form the heart of the automation system. The drives will be controlled by means of the FM458 Simatic application module. For safety reasons, the control and monitoring system will have a two-channel design. The signals of the two channels will be compared with each other continuously. An error will trigger the safety circuit, which will then immediately stop the drives and apply the safety brakes. The braking system will be sub-supplied by Siemag M-Tec², the winder machines by Citic Heavy Machinery. Siemens is also responsible for system integration, supervision of the assembly work, commissioning and customer training for the complete electrical equipment and braking system.

Further information at: http://www.siemens.com/mining


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