sat-nms LFRXTX L-Band Fiber Optical Links now with 10MHz reference from SatService GmbH

sat-nms LFRXTX Chassis Picture (PresseBox) (Steisslingen, ) SatService Gesellschaft für Kommunikationssysteme is pleased to introduce its improved sat-nms LFRXTX10 L-Band Fiber Optical Links including 10MHz transmission.

The sat-nms LFRX Optical Receiver and sat-nms LFRX L-Band Optical Transmitter are high performance RF to optical converters for analog multi-carrier RF (L-Band) transporation via fibre optical links.

The novelity is that the commonly used 10MHz reference frequency which is multiplexed on the L-band signal for a BUC (block up-converter) by a satellite modem can now be transferred via the same fibre optcial link.

The equipment is availabe as 2 height unit 19" drawer which can conatin up to 10 optcial trasnmitter or receiver in any combination. Even "n to 1" redundant L-Band Optical Links are available An application for such an optical link is for example the RF signal link, which transfers the RF signals via fibre optic even over long distances (which cannot be handled by coaxial cable) from an satellite modem which is located indoors to an BUC directly mounted at the antenna.

The equipment interfaces also smoothly with the sat-nms Monitoring&Control and Network Management System. It provides an ethernet and a serial interface for remote control, but also a local operator control at the frontpanel.

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