Energy 8 plus

"High-Tech Charger with high current and perfect charging protection"
Energy 8 plus (PresseBox) (Assamstadt, ) The Energy 8 now has a successor - the Energy 8 plus! The battery charging and maintenance device ANSMANN energy 8 has become a real premium classic over the last few years. Suitable for the 5 most common rechargeable batteries, this unit is able to check, and if required, to refresh affected cells. This feature and the individual supervision, faulty cell detection, the switch mode power supply for worldwide use and pulse trickle charge are also implemented in the new Energy 8 plus.

One enhanced feature is the higher charging current (AA, C, D 1000 mA; AAA 400 mA; E block 60 mA) in combination with a perfect charging detection. As well as the standard detections -DeltaV and the timer there are now 3 additional detection technologies built-in. The maximum temperature (Tmax), the temperature is also tracked and is detected using DT/Dt. Last but not least ANSMANN took extra care when writing the software that the new physical qualities of modern rechargeable batteries are taken into account. In addition to the main supervision -DeltaV it now adds the Zero DeltaV system. In this case not only the decreasing voltage when charging the batteries is supervised, but a constant voltage over a certain time period is detected as well. This technology is the guarantor for a perfect charging of the batteries. ANSMANN gives a guarantee of 3 years.


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Martin Hahn


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