SVOX Forum 2008 to take place in Zurich November 12 to 14

SVOX Forum 2008 (PresseBox) (Zürich, ) SVOX, the leading provider of embedded speech solutions, will host the SVOX Forum 2008 on November 12 to 14. The traditional annual event will again bring together key automotive and mobile experts active in the area of embedded speech and human-machine interfaces.

The main theme of this year`s Forum is “The Ultimate User Experience,” with a special focus on speech-enabled HMIs for automotive and mobile industries. Notable domains to be covered include navigation, location-based services and dynamic mobile content. The SVOX Forum 2008 will feature speakers and experts from such prominent companies as Audi, Asahi Kasei, BMW, Denso, GM, iSuppli, Mitsubishi Electric, Nokia, Texas Instruments, TomTom, Volkswagen and many others.

“As in the previous years, the SVOX Forum 2008 provides excellent opportunities to catch up with the latest developments in the area of embedded speech technology and network with the internationally renowned experts in the field,” SVOX CEO Volker Jantzen said.

“Our customers have used speech technology to enhance the user experience of their products, thus making the products more appealing to end users,” he noted. “Over the past years the rate of innovation in our industry was quite dramatic, and the future seems to hold even more exciting developments.”

Past year saw big steps towards adoption of multi-lingual speech technologies in such areas as in-vehicle navigation and location-based services (LBS). High quality speech technology for personal navigation solutions is critical for the ultimate user experience and the mobile phone sector stands to be the next one to leverage this great technology.

“The SVOX Forum 2008 is significant because it allows industry participants to share experiences, gather knowledge and build important new relationships. We are looking forward to a truly fascinating conference,” Jantzen said.

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