Liquid Sensors Using ActiveSense Technology Revolutionise Fluid Measurement

Liquidsensor (PresseBox) (Tuningen, ) Based on its patented ActiveTouch technology, ITW has introduced a new concept for the detection and measurement of liquids which is likely to open up new possibilities for a variety of applications.

The technology in itself is quite simple, relying on the detection of the acoustic dampening effect.

Linked to modern micro-controller technology, it results in simple yet rugged solid state units which are unaffected by contamination, scale or resistive build-up. There are no moving parts and sensing is continual. One of the great advantages is the fact that this technology allows for realtime feedback and function monitoring.

The units come in a variety of forms to suit a wide range of applications such as for the food processing industry, apppliances, automotice, marine, pumps and liquid dispensing equipment. The probes can be of stainless steel, aluminum or ceramic and are suitable for operating temperatures in the range of -40C to
+85C. Custom products and applications can be realized on request.


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