Battery Management System XC3000

“Universal charger and battery testing unit for nearly all batteries”
XC 3000 Verpackung final RGB (PresseBox) (Assamstadt, ) With the Battery Management System XC3000, ANSMANN is launching an interesting combination of universal battery charger and battery testing device on to the market, which was not been available until now. Not only the classic "big five" batteries (AAA, AA, C, D and 9V block sizes), but also a lot of Li-Ion Battery packs for cameras, camcorders and mobile phones can be charged. Additionally there is a very accurate testing unit for all common batteries and rechargeable batteries in the XC3000.

Although there are a lot of different features in the unit, the operation of the XC3000 is clear and easy; with only 3 buttons and the 2 clear LCD displays the different programmes can be selected very simply. Up to 10 cells can be charged (various charging currents are selectable), tested or refreshed at the same time. 5 different measuring systems are supervising the charging process to ensure the best lifetime of the batteries. Many Li-ion and Li-polymer batteries can be also charged and with the help of the flexible and adjustable contacts nearly all battery packs can be connected. The polarity and the voltage (3.6 or 7.2V) are detected automatically. Last but not least the Battery Management System XC3000 is able to check the capacity and the voltage of all common battery types. In only a few seconds the voltage rest capacity is checked in "%-steps". Ideal for globetrotters, the XC3000 can be used worldwide (100 - 240V). The XC3000, because of its high quality features, is the first choice for professional users at work and at home, for example laboratories, industry and local authorities. ANSMANN gives a guarantee of 3 years.


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