Watlow's Miniature Heated Tubing Flexes, Bends and Heats Efficiently

Freeflex (PresseBox) (St. Louis, ) Watlow miniature FREEFLEX® polymer heated tubing assemblies can heat moving fluids up to 100°C (212°F ) or maintain temperatures as fluids move from a reservoir to a point-of-use. Watlow's innovative design puts the heating element in direct contact with the miniature polymer tubing, resulting in fast, efficient heating and temperature control over a portion or the entire length of the tube.

FREEFLEX heated tubing has a durable "jacket" over the wound heating element that allows tubing to bend, flex or coil on equipment that moves. FREEFLEX can also be formed and routed around other system components in stationary applications.

FREEFLEX is ideal for a variety of OEM applications, including analytical and medical equipment, aerospace, military, office equipment, semiconductor processing and virtually any other application that could benefit from heated miniature tubing.

For added versatility, FREEFLEX is available with optional thermocouples or thermistor temperature sensors incorporated into the thermal system. Users can also choose leads to exit one or both ends of the tubing assembly. Standard tubing is offered in 1/32-, 1/16- or 1/8-inch inner diameters. Other sizes are available upon request.


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