SMAC Inc. Introduces a high speed, high precision single axis gripper for pick & place, measuring & QC testing applications

(PresseBox) (Carlsbad, California, ) SMAC Inc has announced the introduction of a compact, high precision, single axis gripper unit. The small overall footprint & light weight makes this unit ideal for pick & place - robotic applications, measuring & testing operations where high speed & accuracy are required.

The gripper unit has a stroke length of 5mm per jaw and a resolution of 5, 1 or .5 micron. Due to this level of accuracy the unit is especially useful for measuring a work piece whilst being picked & transported - ideal for inline QC operations 'on the fly'. The unit also enables 100% data feedback of all operations as standard.

With a high gripping force of 5N and free & independent control of speed, gripping force & finger position the unit is highly suited to handling delicate components The unit achieves this impressive performance through the use of specially designed internal components and SMAC's high performance electronics. 'C' sleeve linear guides to deliver exceptionally high life expectancy and a high resolution encoder are integrated into an optimized size footprint. The part number of the unit is: GLP5-20-10.
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