Hoval Group Selects SECUDE to Protect Intellectual Property

Leading Heating and Ventilation Technology Vendor Deploys SECUDE Technology to Ensure easy access in SAP and Higher Security
(PresseBox) (Zurich, Switzerland, ) SECUDE International AG, a global leader in SAP Security and Data Protection, announced that Hoval has implemented the SECUDE SAP Security Platform to ensure easy access & secured communication between Clients and SAP applications. Hoval worked with SIEMENS Switzerland AG to implement SECUDE Secure Login for SAP and FinallySecure to provide Single Sign-On (SSO) as well as to protect and encrypt data on their SAP systems, laptops, and PCs. Together, the solutions enable easy SAP Single Sign-On and safeguard its intellectual property.

Hovalwerk AG (Hoval) has pursued ambitious targets for several years in the field of heating and ventilation technology and in the process successfully developed leading innovations. Hoval guarantees customers scalable added value with the breakthrough of "Hoval Easy Systems" which provide handling, operational comfort, and low costs.

Selim Howlader, IT Director of Hoval, said, “We had been seeing an increasing and extensive use of SAP without the comfort of an easy and secure Single Sign-On for our users. SECUDE® Secure Login for SAP provides an easy to implement use of SAP SNC protocol to ensure certificate based client access without the need of an existing PKI infrastructure.”

Wasted time logging on to multiple SAP systems and frequent helpdesk calls can lead to very high-costs for companies, and solving this problem frequently results in reduced security. Many solutions only offer a trade between security and ease of use. By implementing SSO with robust encryption built in, SECUDE solutions reduce helpdesk costs while still increasing security.

Hoval’s deployment of SECUDE technology was rapid and successful in just 3 days.

“Hoval has more and more mobile users, which are using sensitive and confidential information on their laptops,” says Tristan Kromer, Vice President of Data Protection Division. “FinallySecure enables early adoption and migration to hardware-based FDE technology such as Seagate Momentus FDE.2 disk drives. Our customers can close the legacy gap between old operating systems and new hardware by deploying one solution designed to meet rigorous data protections compliance standards while providing a greater experience for users and IT administrators.”

FinallySecure is the world's first hybrid software- and hardware-based Full Disk Encryption (FDE) solution which can be implemented on legacy laptops without specialized hardware or on the next generation hardware-based FDE technology being promoted by Intel, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Seagate and others. Partnering with hardware vendors for encryption unlocks advantages such as increased performance, secures cryptographic erase functionalities, and advanced key management.

FinallySecure allows businesses to survive, adapt and grow in a heterogeneous IT eco-system.
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