Gibson-housing from BS Kinetics

Availabe now for Olympus E 420 and E 520
Gibson-housing from BS Kinetics (PresseBox) (Achern, ) The E 420 ist the newest accession of Olympus Esystems.It is worldwide the most compact D-SLR and comfortable zoom in with Live View on a 2,7"LCD-monitor. 3,5 pictures per second in 10 megapixel can be taken.

This camera is extemely handy and therefor the perfect companion for the journalist, who needs to be flexible. Tourists with small backpacks or even lady's handbag in which it could be stored easily.

With its 28 user-friendly programs the E 420 is applicable in almost any situation worth a brilliant photo.

The E 520 is the advancement of the E 510 which is assigned with the EISA Award. It owns a assimilated flash stabilizer, which makes for pin sharp pictuers independently from objectiv and without tripod!

The live view task is further optimized and the supersonic wave filter garanties for crystal-clear photos by most effective dust protection. Selfevident the lenses are exchangeable.

For the different lences BS Kinetics GmbH offers the suitable port with bayonet. Additionally there is a portadapter to adapt different Olympus-ports at the housing. So, already existing ports can be used furhter on.

Like all BS Kinetics housings this one is composed of carbon fibre and is so particularly lightweight and ideal to be transported by airplane.

Technical data
Material: Carbon fibre
Deapth 80 mters
Portsystem: Bayonet- changeport
Viewfinder: Viewfinder camera (live-view),
Funktions all
Housing lock: Plug clamps
Size: 180 x 190 x 130
Weight 1,9 kg
Scopy of supply: Grip arm, leakage warning, flatport
Price from 1.760,00 €


BS Kinetics GmbH
Großweierer Str. 70
D-77855 Achern


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