More than 2 Millions biz-domains registered

Biz-domain: the domain for companies... (PresseBox) (Cologne, ) 2,004,724 biz-domains are today registered. This is certainly a big success for .biz.

The biz-domain is a generic top-level domain intended for domains to be used by businesses. "Biz" is a phonetic spelling of the first syllable of "business." The biz-domains were created to relieve some of the demand for the good domain names available in the .com top-level domain. The biz-domains should also provide an alternative to businesses whose preferred com-domain name had already been registered by another party. The registry demands no specific legal or geographic qualifications to register a .biz domain name, except that it should be for "bona fide business or commercial use".The biz-domain was created in 2001 along with several others. The biz-domains are administered by NeuStar.

Although intended to be a restricted domain aimed at businesses, the biz-domain is an unrestricted domain, available to anyone for any use.

The biz-domains are very popular in Turkey as "biz" means "we" in Turkish. When you have the domain, it translates to Turkish as "we are blabla". For example: "" means "we are mothers" and "" means
"we are super".

The biz-domains are registered by ICANN accredited registrars like Secura GmbH (,

".Biz is a powerful Internet platform for businesses of all sizes and industry classifications," said Tim Switzer, vice president of registry services at NeuStar. "In an increasingly cluttered and competitive digital world, .Biz gives businesses everywhere the opportunity to distinguish themselves, innovate, and succeed in an environment dedicated to commerce."

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