SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH presents its 15 millionth lens to Andreas Gursky

Acclaim for one of the most important photographers in the world today at photokina 2008.
Dr. Josef Staub (li), Geschäftsführer der Jos. Schneider Optischen Werke GmbH, überreicht dem Fotografen Andreas Gursky (re) das 15 Millionste Objektiv. (PresseBox) (Bad Kreuznach and Cologne, ) Schneider-Kreuznach chose to celebrate the production of their 15 millionth lens by presenting the internationally renowned photographer Andreas Gursky with a high-performance Super Symanar XL lens. “We are pleased to have this opportunity to recognise one of the most distinguished photographic artists of our time, Andreas Gursky,” explains Dr. Josef Staub on presenting the lens at the photokina exhibition.

The extreme format of Gursky’s pictures calls for extreme accuracy at the moment the photo is taken. “My large-format pictures can be read down to the last detail even when the viewer is standing up close,” explains Andreas Gursky at photokina. The unusual tension of the pictures stems from a surprising interplay between the effects when viewed from a distance and close up. Gursky shows contemporary scenes from afar, making this deliberately distant viewpoint aesthetically perceptible. At the same time, his creative presence ensures that viewers take a second look at his pictures, as when viewed more closely, the observer finds everyday features reproduced in meticulous detail.

Gursky’s pictures encourage us to take a new approach to topical issues. It is in everyday scenes that his artistic eye finds contradictions which he brings to light in an unusual manner, to the viewer’s surprise and confusion.

Gursky’s works are owned by international museums and private collectors.


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