Synopsys and Microsoft Work Together to Improve Electronic Design Productivity

Synopsys' Saber and System Studio products qualified on Windows HPC Server 2008
(PresseBox) (Mountain View CA, ) Synopsys, Inc.

(Nasdaq:SNPS), a world leader in software and IP for semiconductor design and manufacturing, today announced that it has qualified its Saber(r) and System Studio products for high performance computing (HPC) on the Microsoft Windows HPC Server 2008 and is partnering with Microsoft in its HPC Global launch. Synopsys' technology-leading design and verification tools leverage the power of the Windows HPC Server 2008-based environment to accelerate advanced electronic design. The enhanced compute capabilities provide Synopsys customers the flexibility of a Windows-based platform and the scalability of running numerous compute-intensive jobs in a single environment. The resulting productivity, performance and reliability enhancements allow electronic design companies to accelerate development and time to market in such industries as wireless, consumer electronics, automotive and aerospace.

"Supporting high performance computing not only enhances the productivity of our customers, it also gives the design community the freedom of a Windows-based platform," said Karen Bartleson, senior director of Interoperability at Synopsys. "Time to results and reliability are paramount to our customers in the automotive, aerospace and wireless industries. Being able to process thousands of simulations in parallel, and thus accelerate our customers' time to market, will greatly increase their competitiveness."

Saber, Synopsys' technology-leading automotive electronic design and analysis software, advances Robust Design and Design for Six Sigma

(DFSS) methodologies, thereby helping automotive and aerospace supply chains meet stringent reliability and safety requirements in harsh environments. Saber uses advanced simulation and analyses such as Monte Carlo, Vary, Stress, and Sensitivity to evaluate system interactions across a broad range of environmental and operational conditions and temperatures. To validate system behavior, thousands of analysis runs are performed to accurately model real-world conditions in a virtual environment.

System Studio, Synopsys' model-based algorithm design and analysis offering, provides a unique dataflow simulation engine with the highest performance for exploring, verifying and optimizing digital signal processing algorithms. System Studio is used for complex wireless and multimedia algorithm developments, for which customers run thousands of regressions a day. Distributing simulations to Windows HPC Server 2008-based compute clusters allows digital signal processing developers to further improve performance and design productivity by taking full advantage of a stable, extensible environment on high-performance CPUs.

"Microsoft and its partners continue to take HPC mainstream - opening the door for engineers to use HPC at the division, workgroup and desktop levels," said Vince Mendillo, director of HPC marketing at Microsoft Corp. "Our customers demand a high performance computing solution that cost-effectively allows them to solve difficult problems in less time.

We're very excited to deliver Synopsys' design and verification solutions to our EDA customers."


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