Bulgin's Waterproof Rear of Panel Backshell Protects Equipment

px 0799 (PresseBox) (Tuningen, ) Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best! This is the case with the low cost solution from Bulgin which provides additional environmental protection when used with the well established Buccaneer series of IP68 connectors.

While these connectors provide IP68 to 100m when connected or when protected by the sealing cap, the risk remains that users might forget to refit the cap after use. This would mean that water could enter the housing through the connector and cause equipment damage.

By screwing this simple accessory onto the back of the connector behind the panel, a fully environmentally sealed solution can be quickly and easily obtained.

The backshell uses the standard range of glands to provide selaing for cables from 3.5 - 9mm diameter and fits all standard Bucaneer panel mount connectors.


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