R-M launches PERFECTFILLER GREY (PresseBox) (Münster, ) It really doesn't matter how large or small the paint job is, perfect preparation is essential to ensure a perfect finish and PERFECTFILLER from R-M provides every bodyshop with a fast, efficient and VOC compliant solution.

Bodyshops will often develop an affinity with certain products, in particular, general purpose primer filler, which can become a regular favourite among painters, for use with a wide range of refinishing jobs.

The Research and Development team at R-M has developed PERFECTFILLER with this in mind and has ensured that this primer filler is not only reliable but is also very easy to use, thanks to its standard mixing ratio, using the latest R-M primer hardeners D 70 (fast) and D 80 (normal).

PERFECTFILLER has been formulated in medium grey to provide optimum covering power for most popular top coat colours, while its excellent sprayability means that just two spray coats need to be applied instead of the usual three required with normal sanding primers, saving both process time and material consumption. In case of higher film thickness needed for covering larger damages, it is also possible to spray PERFECTFILLER with 3 coats.

Further time is saved by eliminating the need to apply an etch primer when sand-throughs reveal small areas of bare metal, as PERFECTFILLER can be applied direct to those areas. Anything larger than a sand-through to bare metal will require the application of EUROFILL Etch Primer, of course.

Designed as a sanding primer, PERFECTFILLER has superb dry sanding behaviour ensuring fast, easy sanding and virtually eliminating the risk of sanding marks, promoting superb top coat finish quality, faster and more efficiently, helping to maximise bodyshop throughput and profitability.

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