Kontron enhances MicroTCA portfolio with AM4901 low cost Management Controller Hub (MCH)

New Kontron AM4901 MCH enables MicroTCA applications outside of telecommunications segment
(PresseBox) (Eching, Germany/Poway, USA, ) Kontron supplements its MicroTCA portfolio with a new MCH (Management Controller Hub). By offering only the most essential feature sets, the Kontron AM4901 enables MicroTCA compliant designs while remaining sensitive to costs.

The Kontron AM4901 Management Controller Hub provides system management and Ethernet switching for up to 12 AdvancedMC modules. Unlike the telecommunication segment, where advanced feature sets require managed switches with complex control software, such features are not required in most industrial applications. The Kontron AM4901 contains an unmanaged BCM5396 Ethernet switch, which simplifies designs and improves costs (lower cost components, no switch controller, no software for switch controller). Among the typical applications are image processing in the industrial and medical sectors, industrial control systems, information systems for trains and simple communication systems without need for managed switches.

"This is a significant step," says Irene Hahner, Product Manager at Kontron. "It supplements the current activities in the PICMG concerning MicroTCA.1 which target MicroTCA in a rougher industrial environment outside the central office as well as in vehicles. There are a number of MCHs on the market, but we could not find anyone addressing the low cost segment. The Kontron AM4901 will help Kontron's customers address a broader range of applications. The AM4901 is a perfect fit for designing a complete and highly versatile MicroTCA platform that is both cost-effective and more advanced than other competing products."

The Kontron AM4901 Management Controller Hub is a single PCB solution with only one MCH tongue. It provides one GbE uplink on the front. On the edge connector there are 12x GbE for AMCs plus 1x GbE for MCH interlink. In addition to the standard LED indicators, there are status LEDs for 12 AdvancedMC modules on the front, as well as RJ45 connectors for one FE management interface and one serial interface to access the management controller (MCMC).

The Kontron AM4901 MCH represents a MicroTCA Compliant MCH with a cost improved design. It supports the Kontron family of cost optimized MicroTCA platforms, as well as a range of other 3rd party platforms. For management functions, it contains a MCMC LPC2368 with Kontron IPMI SW with IPMB-L links to AdvancedMC modules; I2C to SEEPROM on the Backplane, and I2C as well as IPMB-0 links for power management and cooling. The Kontron AM4901 also supports JTAG.

Product pricing and availability

Kontron AM4901 MCH - RoHS compliant
Pricing: OEM pricing upon request
Availability: Q4, 2008.

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