Five foot floating telephone is the eye-catcher at Cellular South's first Concept Store

HoloPro™ Digital Signage at Cellular South Wireless
Floating Phone (PresseBox) (Bergisch Gladbach, ) Cellular South Wireless is using the latest display technologies to promote its new flagship store in Ridgeland, Mississippi. Arousing interest in the latest phone models and providing interactive information about functions are the focal points of the installation designed by the HoloPro™ partner Intava Corp. from Bellevue, Washington. People visiting the shop have their attention captured immediately by a five foot high, transparent revolving telephone. A video projected onto a glass screen using HoloPro™ provides a floating impression that attracts attention as if by magic.
The use of the latest generation of HoloPro™, in which the number of light-directing holograms has been dramatically increased to more than 20 million/m², makes the illusion perfect. There are no irritating structures or colour displacements to distract from the contents. “Cellular South's holographic ‘floating phone’ display is a far cry from the creepy holographic jewelry of the 1980s“, writes the editor of Retail Systems News with clear enthusiasm. “The Intava system showcases Cellular South products in an entirely new way”, explains Troy Carroll, CEO of Intava. “This visual element draws attention to top handsets in a high-impact way that traditional signage cannot.” The installation is rounded off by 40 high-resolution 7“ (18 cm) touch displays. The “Digital Fact Tags“ show up-to-date information on every Cellular South mobile phone. There are also photos, functions, prices and special offers and promotions. The HoloPro™ and touch displays are controlled by Digital Signage software from Intava. This enables contents to be adapted quickly at any time.
Cellular South and Intava are pursuing the goal of combining a spatial shopping experience with the benefits of an online shop using classical Digital Signage and interactive touch displays. “While digital signage solutions are usually unable to support interactive experiences, the reverse is not true”, says Troy Carroll. The combination of eye-catching HoloPro™ displays and small, product-orientated touch displays results in many different ways of addressing customers. “Forward-thinking retailers should invest in technology platforms that support both digital signage and interactive experiences, enabling flexibility for future needs.” The HoloPro™ used was produced by G+B pronova GmbH in Bergisch Gladbach. The installation was carried out by Intava Corporation in cooperation with their American distributor, Brookview Technologies Inc.


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