Spero Lucem

HoloSign Artwork in St. Agnes’ Church in Cologne
Spero Lucem (PresseBox) (Bergisch Gladbach, ) State-of-the-art technology in a church – how well these two things can harmonise can be seen in the artwork “Spero Lucem”, which can be admires in St. Agnes’ Church in Cologne. The installation was created by the light artist Michael Bleyenberg; the technology used by G+B Pronova GmbH.
“Spero Lucem“ is a light design in the shape of a cross on a glass screen. This design was created using HoloSign, one of the latest developments from pronova. With HoloSign pictures are not projected from a projector onto a screen but a predetermined motif is “embedded” in the HoloSign screen. A homogenous light source (including the sun) makes this motif glow in intense colours: the white light is separated into its spectral components by holographic optical elements. The colours that result from this change when the light source or the observer move. In the case of the installation at St. Agnes’ Church this means exciting, impressive changes in the perception of the cross of light. Each observer experiences the artwork differently.
The light artist Michael Bleyenberg has found a versatile product for the implementation of his ideas in HoloSign. Another example of his work is the outer façade of the Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft in Bonn, which shines as a splendidly colourful, ten-metre-high work of art thanks to HoloSign.


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